Historically, robotics has been an important presence at INDUSTRIE but the focus has been on industrial robotics.
    Now, following the link-up with SMART INDUSTRIES to form GLOBAL INDUSTRIE, this presence has been upgraded because fields such as the industry of the future and AI mean our coverage now extends to take in robotized applications, integrators and even service robots.
    With over 100 exhibitors, manufacturers of industrial robots, integrators, start-ups and component suppliers, GLOBAL INDUSTRIE presents the tools needed to make the factory more flexible and to increase its productivity, as well as relieving staff of tiresome tasks and making their work pleasanter.
    France has world class academics and a host of companies, many small or medium-sized, focused on the markets of the future (medical robotics, farming, logistics, outdoor operation, personal assistance, etc.). 
    This still emerging industry is crying out for structure, coordination and direction in order to raise awareness of its solutions amongst its potential customers and to foster cooperation between the providers of complementary technologies.
    ​Serving as the focal point for robots at GLOBAL INDUSTRIE, this 200 m²space has hosted more than 20 robots. Most were operating and they have covered a very broad spectrum of spectacular or technically highly advanced robotic applications, including ones still at the research stage.
    The concept was conceived in conjunction with THESAME, the organizer of the COBOTEAM Robotics Cluster, in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, and the GDR, and it has featured both technical demonstrations and others that are more entertaining. 
    The variety of robots on show spanned humanoid, exoskeleton, reception robot, patrol robot, AGV, cobot….






And to round off coverage of this field, during the show visitors were able to attend a really special event linked to it :
Staged every year by the Ministry of the Economy’s Department of Business, this year it was held on Thursday 7th March at Global Industrie.


  • The PPRIME laboratory’s robotic hand

    The robotic hand being shown is a fully driven human-sized hand with 16 joints and 4 fingers.

    Not only is it able to grasp adaptively, it is also capable of fine finger-tip movements to shift the grasped object further into the hand.

    Each finger behaves as an independent robot and the fingers involved in grasping an object cooperate to produce the fine movements required to shift the grasped object further into the hand.

  • The REXROTH BOSCH robot candyfloss maker

    This collaborative APAS robot is totally safe thanks to its sensitive skin and can be installed anywhere one wants in the factory.
    It is easy to programme by means of function blocks and it knows how to make everything, even candyfloss!
  • The FESTO fish robot

    FESTO has developed a generation of bionic animals with the goal of mimicking all the movements of a bird or fish mechanically.

    The aircuda will be on show at GLOBAL INDUSTRIE!

  • The CAPSIX ROBOTICS robot masseur

    Designed to treat back problems, this robot masseur will be giving non-stop demonstrations on a foam dummy.
    Willing volunteers can test out the robot masseur by taking the place of the dummy on the table.  
  • The Yaskawa robot that solves Rubik’s Cube

    This fun robot solves Rubik's Cube.
  • Babyfoot’s FANUC robot adversary

    Come and test your reflexes against this unflappable adversary!
  • The KEY INFUSEUR smartphone robot

    This articulated robot will operate your smartphone for you.
  • The KUKA barman

    This robot is able to hold a glass without breaking it and to tilt it to produce the perfect head of beer.
  • The FEMTO ST microscopic house

    A micro house revealed by scanning electron microscope (SEM). Made out of origami under vacuum at the tip of a split optic fibre by means of a process involving the folding of glass, silica and other crystals.
  • The STÄUBLI racing robot

    Will you be as fast and precise as it is and will you win the race?
  • THE ROBOT STUDIO humanoid robots

    Capable of travelling around and moving their heads, come and meet R2P1 and HAS !
  • Les ergosquelettes de GOBIO

    L’IP12 modèle SkelEx est un ergosquelette léger, dédié aux travaux bras en hauteur et l’ergosquelette IP14 Chairless Chair® Nonee est un support ergonomique portable, pour les positions d’assises, penchées ou demandant une alternance assis-debout.
  • Le robot imprimeur de chocolat de 3DESSERT GRAPHIQUES

    L’impression 3D pour les gourmands !
  • Le robot collaboratif de ABB

    Le robot YuMi répond aux besoins d'une production flexible dans les environnements d’assemblage de petites pièces grâce à ses deux bras, à des mains modulables, à la localisation de pièces par caméra, à la programmation par apprentissage et à une gestion de trajectoire à la pointe de la technologie.
  • Le mini-robot Niryo de MC ROBOTICS

    Le plus petit robot industriel 6 axes du monde !
  • Le mini-robot Meca 500 de MC ROBOTICS

    Robot spécialement conçu pour les écoles il permet aux élèves d’apprendre les bases de la robotique industrielle avec la réplique parfaite d’un robot 6 axes, qu’ils peuvent programmer simplement en grafcet comme d’autres marques de robots supportées par Kactus.
  • La maquette sonde MASCOT du CNES !
  • Les drones roulants et volants du CCSST !
  • Le robot aux suspensions 4D de l’INSTITUT PASCAL !

    Le robot Susp4D est en mesure de faire des rotations avec ses roues motrices, ses roues directrices, amortir les chocs et de sauter !
  • Le robot de manutention d’EFIDENCE !

    EffiBOT est un robot de manutention aussi bien adapté à la préparation de commande e-commerce qu’à l’approvisionnement de pièces en bord de ligne.
  • Le robot collaboratif mobile de AGILOG-L’ORIGINAL-MEANWHILE !

    L’AGILOG est un robot mobile collaboratif doté d’une Intelligence Artificielle spécialisée en navigation intérieure dédié à l’usine du futur.
  • Le robot 6 axes polaire Français de KINETIC SYSTEMS !

    Ce robot conçu et fabriqué en France permet d’optimiser le déplacement d’une charge en fonction de la portée, avec une rigidité nécessaire pour des portées importantes.