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Employment, a major challenge for industry

The CAMPUS was full with the presence of 6,000 young people, students and schoolchildren (including 1,100 middle school students) and 1,722 job seekers!

Contrary to what is widely believed, French industry is an abundant source of jobs but, unfortunately, jobs that all too often remain unfilled.

In order to draw attention to this phenomenon and to do its bit to remedy it, GLOBAL INDUSTRIE has developed a CAMPUS that is entirely dedicated to employment, training and what the various industry trades have to offer.

The 1,500 m² that have been devoted to it reflect the wealth of careers, promote the trades and highlight jobs that are available, whilst anticipating the impact of automation and digitization over the coming years.




3 spaces in one venue



For qualified young people, job seekers or those seeking to change careers and looking for a job in industry. Fill in your CV or job offers in your visitor space or exhibitor space .



If you are a college pupil or a student and you are looking to discover the industrial trades and training courses that suit your education.



If you are a teacher and you want to show your class the full range of industrial trades.


3 areas for a multitude of possibilities

  • The Job Area


This area is entirely given over to the search for jobs, internships or work placements, and offers you the opportunity to meet companies looking for new staff.

A recruitment platform, in your visitor space or exhibitor space and accessed via terminals at the entrance to the Campus or consulted ahead of the show via your smartphone, tablet or laptop, will enable you to make contact with companies in the Campus as well as those exhibiting at any of the shows that make up GLOBAL INDUSTRIE.

The platform uses a matchmaking system to match a candidate’s profile to jobs on offer from all the companies at this industry mega event.
You will be able to take part in job dating sessions held on stands specially laid out for the purpose within the CAMPUS.
These will feature companies exhibiting at the 4 shows and major industrial groups, who are constantly looking for fresh blood.
More informally, you can also make contact by going directly to the stands of companies present elsewhere at the event.  

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Arts & Métiers Alumni is partnering with Global Industrie 2019 to provide you with free and expert career coaching destined to boost your future.
Career coaching: 30 minute express-coaching
Whether you are a student, a young graduate or a seasoned professional these express coachings are for you if you are developing or rethinking your career:
  • Young graduates, ace your career launch!
    How do you choose your first job?  Perform well during your trial period? Manage your boss?  Attain work/life balance? Remain true to yourself yet evolve? Know how and when to leave… ?
  • Manage your career like a pro!
    How do you empower yourself? Determine your next steps? Make yourself noticed at work or elsewhere? Build work allies in the office? Find the right job fit? Prepare for your departure… ?
  • Do you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur?
    What are the qualities needed to be a successful entrepreneur? What is the real fit between your value-add and the project itself?
Arts & Métiers Alumni provides over 1200 coachings per year, and is widely recognized for its’ expertise in the fields of career and entrepreneur coaching.

Do you have significant training requirements?

Take advantage of our recruitment service in the Job Area:

- book a desk by the day or half day
- post your job offers on our recruitment platform

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  • The Training Area


Entirely dedicated to school pupils and college students, this area will allow you to discover industry trades, know-how, products and solutions through entertaining demonstrations
A major draw with the emphasis on hands-on experience, this area will allow you to touch and interact with the equipment on show. 


Featuring the following demos:


- The ‘cubtile': the first multitouch 3D peripheral, it allows content to be manipulated intuitively in three dimensions using its five touch screens.


Ifm electronic will offer you a perfect illustration of virtual reality using smartphones.

« Smart BIM » by 3DS : a demonstration of the skills required to make a building smart. 


2 demonstrations highlighting different aspects of maintenance staged by John Deere and Renault.


You will also be able to learn about the trades that are recruiting by meeting the various organizations specializing in the employment and training of young people and adults in industry (Greta, Onisep, Arts & Métiers Acceleration). 



You can attend training sessions held under realistic conditions for the French team of young people going to the Worldskills world championship, which will be held in Kazan (Russia) from 22nd to 27th August 2019. 

Trades represented:
- Milling
- Welding
- Technical drawing


Following on from the national finals of the Skills Olympiads, the selected competitors have six months to prepare for the WorldSkills Competition. France has put together a training programme combining: 

- 5 to 8 weeks of technical training
- 2 weeks of sporting, physical and mental training

in order to help competitors cope with the pressure and demands of the international competition.



SMILE is an event that is totally dedicated to school students, particularly young teenagers who have yet to specialize.

This area is focused on helping them to discover the wealth and variety of industrial trades and also to talk to them about tomorrow’s industry.

SMILE consists of a visitor trail offering the chance to discover and try out between 13 and 15 trades presented in real life situations.
Each of the trades will be on a stand manned by a relevant professional and a young technical school student currently being trained for it.

To make things even more interesting, every young visitor will follow the production of an object as it moves along this trail, and will then take it away at the end.


The Amphi


The Amphi is a place for discussions and exchanges between professionals and visitors.

It will feature entrepreneurs, influencers, start-ups, company bosses, young people… who will share their experiences with you in 15-minute presentations followed by question and answer sessions.


The full programme will be available shortly.