7 categories representing the richness of the world of industry


It is only right that France’s first major event devoted to industry in its entirety should present a series of awards honouring the most innovative companies.
And that’s precisely what the GLOBAL INDUSTRIE Awards do by providing a 360° survey of innovation. They are a key tool for visitors, 66% of whom state that monitoring technology is their prime reason for visiting.
The 6 totally new categories are open to all exhibitors and reflect the cutting-edge diversity of the sector:


Production performance provides recognition for innovations delivering a significant improvement through gains in productivity, key ratios or performance.



New technology highlights new products resulting from technology transfer or a major technological innovation



Successful collaboration is the award for a project, product or service brought to fruition through the collaboration of several different manufacturers or service providers.



Outstanding project rewards exceptional know-how devoted to the delivery of parts, services, sub-assemblies and other systems.



Industrial transition shines the spotlight on service and technology providers working with companies embarking on transition or those that have succeeded in making changes.



Responsible solution honours innovations that promote energy efficiency, the circular economy, CSR, ergonomics, eco-design…

Gratifies a solution that rewards industrial users, with help from the cutting-edge technologies or borrowed from the public.


It is an initiative that guarantees its participants media exposure and tremendous benefits both in terms of profile and business.

4 plus points…
4 reasons to enter

  • FREE
    All GLOBAL INDUSTRIE exhibitors can enter free of charge by completing the entry form via their exhibitor portal
    The bar is set high. Every entry is examined by a jury of manufacturers and trade journalists and a shortlist drawn up. Shortlisted entries are then presented in person to the jury in Paris.
    The results are announced and the Awards are presented at a special reception and in front of an audience of 1,500 professionals
    Besides gaining the recognition of their peers, the successful winners enjoy extensive media coverage and commercial benefits, as well as raising their profile across the whole world of industry.

Review of the 2018 Awards

The first GLOBAL INDUSTRIE Awards were presented at a prestigious reception on 27th March 2018 in front of the press and the world of industry.
180 entries were submitted by exhibitors and the awards were presented in front of an audience of 1,500 participants:

Industrial transition: MESHROOM, for its MESHROOM VR Studio virtual reality software

New technology: AUTODESK FRANCE, for the hybrid, on-demand manufacture of the Waampeller propeller, avec RAMLAB

Production performance: CATALCAD-BRICSCAD, for its BRICSCAD V18 software, combining parametric CAD and direct modelling technology

Outstanding project: FONDEX, for producing parts by stamping blanks to improve the performance of an automobile electronic assembly

Successful collaboration: EDEIS, for the construction of an open-air test bench for the development, testing and approval of new generation engines for civil aircraft

Responsible solution: INOSPRAY, for DITYSPRAY, an alternative to aerosols and cartridges using compressed air instead of propellants


The Innovations 2018 Information Pack provides further details of these projects and all the entries.
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