Right from its March 2018 launch in Paris, GLOBAL INDUSTRIE established itself as a major international industry event, drawing in participants from forty countries from right around the globe.

Political will became reality

In 2015, Emmanuel Macron, then the Minister of the Economy and Industry, made the modernization of industry a national priority and expressed the hope that a major European and international event focused on the future would be created in order to accompany this process.



A world class event

It is a wish that became a reality right from the first GLOBAL INDUSTRIE, which:

  • attracted exhibitors from a score of European countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, Monaco, the Netherlands, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, the United Kingdom… 
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  • reached out well beyond Europe. Other countries exhibiting in 2018 included: Algeria, Canada, China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Morocco, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey and the United States.
  • welcomed visits by numerous foreign delegations – Turkey, Brazil, South Africa, China… -- and high-profile figures such as Oleg Bocharov, the Russian Deputy Minister for Industry, Augusto Santos Silva, the Portuguese Foreign Minister or Hideaki Omura, the Governor of the Japanese province of Aichi.
  • was the venue for a major seminar on digital cooperation between the European Union and Japan and the Stakeholder Forum 2018 organized by the Ministry of the Economy and Finance and the European Commission. Over its 3 half-days, 400 individuals – ministers, MDs, CEOs of major businesses, regional authorities... – took part in workshops dealing with the digital transformation of industry: finance, digital skills, public/private partnerships, digitization platforms, digital innovation clusters…


With exhibitors from some forty countries, the staging of events with a global reach and visits by important international figures, GLOBAL INDUSTRIE has indisputably established itself as one of the planet’s key industry events.