Global Industrie is addressing one of the major social problems of our times, gender equality at work.

This is a particular problem in industry because many of its trades have a very male image.
Things, however, are changing and institutions, training organizations and companies are launching initiatives to combat these stereotypes.

Global Industrie, as a mirror of its sector, will pick up on these efforts in all of its themes and events throughout the show.


Planned actions :



  • GI Conferences : ensuring as much gender equality as possible in the conference programme speakers, the staging of a masterclass led by the female head of a major company, a talk in the conference programme on the subject.
  • GI Awards : proposing the launch or the joint staging of a set of awards that will highlight the success and know-how of women in industry.
  • GI Connected Fatcory : encouraging women to visit the Connected Factory by integrating the message and the theme into the presentation of the event.
  • GI Connected Fatcory : producing medals in the Factory dedicated to women’s sports teams from across Europe.
  • GI Campus : discussing the problem, with the help of our partners, when talking to young people and jobseekers.
  • GI : Displaying photos of women in industry around the show.

Further information to come