Global Industrie is addressing one of the major social problems of our times, gender equality at work.

This is a particular problem in industry because many of its trades have a very male image.
Things, however, are changing and institutions, training organizations and companies are launching initiatives to combat these stereotypes.

Global Industrie, as a mirror of its sector, will pick up on these efforts in all of its themes and events throughout the show.


Planned actions :



  • GI Conferences : ensuring as much gender equality as possible in the conference programme speakers, the staging of a masterclass led by the female head of a major company, a talk in the conference programme on the subject.
  • GI Awards : proposing the launch or the joint staging of a set of awards that will highlight the success and know-how of women in industry.
  • GI Connected Fatcory : encouraging women to visit the Connected Factory by integrating the message and the theme into the presentation of the event.
  • GI Connected Fatcory : producing medals in the Factory dedicated to women’s sports teams from across Europe.
  • GI Campus : discussing the problem, with the help of our partners, when talking to young people and jobseekers.
  • GI : Displaying photos of women in industry around the show.


Le REF (Women’s Economic Network) , EMLYON au Féminin Lyon and Femmes Ingénieurs, bring you


a  round table:

on Thursday 7th March 2019 from 11.00 to 11.45 a.m.

SMART-INDUSTRIES, Room B, at the top of hall 4.2  

Eurexpo Exhibition Centre, Lyons

...  discussing: 

How might industry increase its competitiveness and its profits?
 By bringing in more women.
What are the employment opportunities, in which trades, and how can they be attracted into industry?
These are the sorts of questions like that will be discussed – from a female point of view
Moderated by Delphine Guyard Meyer, Human Resources consultant and female/male professional equality adviser, Equation RH, Réseau Economique Féminin.
  • Experiences:

Estelle Morelle,
Data Scientist – Groupe SEB

An engineering graduate from the Ecole Centrale, Lyons, she works as a data scientist within the DSI of Groupe SEB. She is also in charge of Big Data & Analytics for Industrie du Futur. Her role is to work on the digital transformation of factories by promoting services that exploit data.


Delphine VIRTE,
Test manager -Framatome

A graduate of ENSEEIFT. She is responsible for site shutdown tests at nuclear power plants. She oversees tests to monitor pressure vessel equipment (process, instrumentation, automatic mechanisms), and she has spent 4 years as an expat working at the Finnish EPR site at Olkiluoto.


AI project manager – industrial start-up

A graduate of the Ecole des Mines, Nancy, specializing in geo-engineering, she wrote her thesis in the geology laboratory of the ENS, Lyons on the processing of data and the development of specific algorithms. She then moved into data science and industry in order to apply these algorithms to more practical problems.

  • Moderators:

Delphine Guyard-Meyer,

Certified coach, auditor and consultant with 18 years of corporate experience in HR positions, where she has worked extensively on female/male professional equality. She co-founded the FHink Egal.e skills network. Involved in the Lyons women’s network, she works on gaining recognition for the rightful place of women in the economy.


Nicole BRIAND,

Emlyon au Féminin and start-up entrepreneur
Heavily committed to women’s economic networks in order to support women who dare to set up in business. A process engineer and digital native, she is developing her start-up for industry 4.0.