Over four days, the first GLOBAL INDUSTRIE attracted 40,800 visitors, a surge of 27% over the total for the individual shows the last time they were held.


Based on the responses to the 2018 visitor survey, they:

Were drawn from all over France plus, many other countries:


  • 40% from Ile-de-France, the launch GLOBAL INDUSTRIE was held in Paris
  • 9% international, from 85 countries, with the Top 10 in descending order being: Benelux, Algeria, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Morocco, Portugal, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands

Covered the whole range of user industries, with over fifty represented: Transport & Mobility; Energy, infrastructure; Food Industry; Consumer goods; Chemicals; Cosmetics; Pharmaceuticals; Mechanical engineering; Defence/Military; Metals; Steel…

Came from companies of all sizes:


from SMES


from very small companies


from large staffs


from Start-ups

Played a major role in purchasing:


decision makers


involved in drawing up sets of specifications


specifiers and users


planning an investment project or purchase

And their primary reasons for visiting were to monitor technology (66% of visitors) and networking (64%), followed by the search for solutions (57%), meeting new suppliers or subcontractors in France (48%), viewing machines in action (42%) and meeting their suppliers and subcontractors (39%).

Benefit from personalized business meetings.

GLOBAL INDUSTRIE works like no other event before to accompany and meet the desires of its visitors. Over the 8 months before the launch of the event in 2018, a team of 4 people was totally dedicated to them, mounting an unprecedented telephone campaign and calling over 63,000 people.
Because your time at the event is precious and in order to enhance the opportunities for business to be done along the aisles of the show, GLOBAL INDUSTRIE organizes free, personalized business meetings FOR YOU, its exhibitors and visitors, which are set up according to the criteria YOU determine.


Efficiency and time saving, these 40-minute meetings are free, precisely targeted and will secure YOU quality contacts, constructive discussions and enable YOU to finalize vital projects. 1,040 business meetings were organized at GLOBAL INDUSTRIE in 2018.
A free travel service from several major French cities was also put in place by the organizers. It took care of the travel arrangements of almost 500 customers from major companies.

If you would like to register for the business meetings, click here.


gets its visitors’ votes

The satisfaction survey carried out as visitors left GLOBAL INDUSTRIE reflects the success of a mega event that was created in response to what professionals wanted:


stated that they were satisfied with their visit


of those who came planning a short or long-term investment project found what they needed to finalize it


thought the event was a success


were new visitors


felt GLOBAL INDUSTRIE was a dynamic show case for industry

2 or 3

shows visited on average


GLOBAL INDUSTRIE reveals industry to the general public

20% of the 40,800 visitors to GLOBAL INDUSTRIE were school pupils or job seekers. This was a remarkable feat for a group of trade shows.
In short, industry has become sexy, modern, environmentally friendly… and a real job generator.


It was a performance that was very much down to the GLOBAL INDUSTRIE CAMPUS, which devoted 1,500 m² to education, training and employment in order to put companies in contact with their future workers.
It is an initiative that will be back in 2019… alongside several others aimed at the general public.