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Global Industrie Manifeste

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A meeting place for the whole industrial ecosystem

As a cornerstone in reindustrialization, Global Industrie symbolizes the commitment and pride of industry players. A Showcase for Regions, know-how and the essential presence of industry in our daily lives, it is above all a place to meet and do business for those shaping today’s and tomorrow’s industry, and a means of promoting their fighting spirit.

An anchor in socio-economic reality

Comprising 15 zones, Global Industrie is the only event in France that brings together the whole industrial sector, serving as a meeting place for its whole ecosystem, its value chain and its user markets and embodying the success of French industry: YOUR success

This is an opportunity to make things meaningful and to serve you, the people who make, manufacture, produce, build and design: manufacturers and all professions and skills.

Global Industrie is an event staged at the center of the political arena

under the high patronage of French President Mr. Emmanuel Macron

which echoes the various institutional measures taken to promote industry over a number of years. Its importance will be underlined by the presence of various ministers and elected representatives at the 2024 edition, including the Minister Delegate for Industry.

The big event for concrete solutions. Our missions: meeting your needs

Developing your business with new opportunities opened up by the exhibition

Finding investors or suppliers through business meetings

Carrying out your technological watch and listening/speaking on the themes of tomorrow's industry thanks to the Big Stage

Keeping abreast of the latest innovations with the innovation trophies presented at the GI Awards

Meeting the recruitment and attractiveness needs of industry professions thanks to the GI Avenir space

Global Industrie takes on the need to provide answers to all tomorrow’s challenges: the environmental and ecological transition, recruitment and attractiveness, training and integration, reshoring and regions, social and societal responsibility, financing, Industry 5.0, the circular economy, innovation, etc.

An immersive, experiential dive into the world of industry

With more than 3000 machines in operation, step inside the biggest factory in France!

Numerous demonstration and experimentation areas allow you to see, touch and understand innovations, state-of-the-art industrial processes and the prospects offered by the industry of the future. A unique opportunity to monitor emerging trends and signals in one place in order to better anticipate transformations in industry.

Several speaking areas allowed you to find and learn about the solutions that will enable you to build tomorrow’s world:

  • Promoting industrial excellence and the attractiveness of jobs in industry through first-hand accounts in the Golden Tech pitch area
  • Fulfilling orientation, training, retraining, recruitment and sustainability needs through the GI Avenir pitch area
  • Addressing the need for meetings with major banking groups, suppliers and consulting firms in the Start-up village
  • Staying at the forefront of innovation with the GI Awards
  • Learning, getting informed and discussing key themes in industry on the Big Stage
  • Attending round tables with industry leaders on the temporary channel in collaboration with BFM Business

GI is an essential annual stopover where people come to do things, show things and commit themselves to a common project: industry. Each edition highlights key figures, things that have been done over the past year, and coming trends.

A meeting place for people doing things today and those who will do them tomorrow

It is also an opportunity to attract people to industry and meet recruitment challenges.

Issues of training and employment are at the heart of industry and sustainability. With unfilled jobs and a shortage of manpower and skills, industry needs to be able to count on today’s youth, its breeding ground for the future.

With more than 6,000 young people and job seekers visiting the exhibition, Global Industrie is a unique opportunity to highlight the attractiveness of jobs in industry through our flagship events: GI Avenir and Golden Tech, THE benchmark industry competition. Global Industrie opens the way for today’s youth, who will be the cogs in the machine tomorrow, by creating synergies, making industry attractive, showing young people things and getting them to test them, and emphasizing industrial excellence. It is a platform for talent and raises the banner of a committed vision.

A place for pride in industry

Global Industrie does not just list solutions but also provides manufacturers with levers to deploy them, feedback and concrete, personalized information to assist in their implementation. 

The approach is global and aims to create synergies. The challenges involved are interrelated, as are the solutions to meet them.

Global Industrie focuses on the power of partnerships.

It also focuses on men and women who get things done and share them, on meaningful facts and figures, and on game-changing innovations.

People come in order to know where they stand, what is in the pipeline and what they need to understand.

Global Industrie stands for a shared spirit of collective pride and cohesion between professional sectors. It is a place where everyone defends the general interest and promotes French industry while simultaneously meeting their individual goals.

Discover a platform for exchanges and networking with your future partners with the MyGI application.

In 2024 France will play host to the world thanks to industrial excellence harnessed to the needs of sporting excellence and all the associated infrastructures around us.

An opportunity for us to project a more open image of industry, redefine its perspectives and show its importance in every field! Let’s make it attractive!

2024, a year that will be synonymous with an attractive, proud, innovative France united around sport and its values, from bringing talent together to sharing successes. It is a tremendous showcase for regions, know-how and creativity harnessed to the goal of making the world a better place. 

Global Industrie pays tribute to this in terms of what industry has put in place to host the world’s biggest sporting event.

Being present at Global Industrie also means a guarantee of visibility magnified by mainstream media and the event’s partners.

BFM Business relocated its sets to Global industrie all day on Monday 25th of March, with its flagship shows filmed live at the exhibition.

From Tuesday 26 to Thursday 28, programs dedicated to industry will feature industry leaders but also first-hand accounts by our exhibitors and reactions from GI Awards and Golden Tech winners.

The industry of tomorrow is being shaped here
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