A packed day of meetings!
On Thursday 7th March 2019 fifty first-year pupils from Lyons’ Lycée Edouard Herriot were offered the chance to discover the industry of tomorrow at Global Industrie, as they were guided around the show and accompanied by sponsors, technicians and engineers from companies such as Boust, EDF, Index, Plastic Omnium, Radiall, Schunk, SKF, SNCF, Somab, Staübli, Veolia and Vinci construction.
The teenage girls engaged in discussions with professionals, who talked about their trades with passion. They were welcomed to the stands of Delta, Festo, Index, Kuka, NTN SNR, Schaeffler, Schunk, SKF, Somab and Thermi-Lyon, with the generous backing of Amics, Artema and Symop, the trade associations in question.
Personal visions of industry entered for a photo competition!
The pupils were able to see how industry is at the heart of any innovation and that each of them could present their view of the world of tomorrow. In order to show how their idea of industry had changed over the course of the visit, they took part in a photo competition.
Split into six teams, each named after a famous woman, the teenage girls argued in support of their photo for a minute in front of jury made up of representatives of the Alliance Industrie du Futur, Cetim, the Elles Bougent association, the Lyon education department, Onisep and the Fédération des Industries Mécaniques.
The jury awarded first prize to team Katherine Johnson, whilst team Ada Lovelace won the jury’s favourite prize.
All the participants departed with gifts.
The day was also supported by Cetim and the Alliance Industrie du Futur.
It was an enriching experience that definitely inspired ambitions and has encouraged a number of the girls to pursue scientific and technical careers. As the girls themselves said, “Our sponsors explained the Bac or degree courses that they had taken, and they weren’t just vocational Bacs. It’s good to know that some took Bac S”, and, “We discovered trades we didn’t know about that just don’t get discussed at school.”  
Enthusiasm and energy were the order of the day!
What the girls said:
  • -“We discovered that there’s a place for women in industry, even though the general view is that it is something for men. It was great that these can be trades for women too.”
  • -“ They are plenty of different skills in industry. Everybody has to make their own contribution to the whole”
  • -“It’s a bit sad that even today we still need a women’s day to remind us that there are inequalities. Let’s hope that some day there will no longer be any need for it.”
  • -“We clearly saw how there are lots of jobs linked to a machine and even though one tends to think artificial intelligence will eliminate jobs, in fact it creates a lot of them.”

The partners organizing the initiative 


About Elles bougent:

The Elles bougent association has been working since 2006 to help girl pupils and students to discover exciting engineering and technical trades in all sectors of industry and technology where there is a dearth of female talent, and in automobiles, aerospace, energy, railways, ships, digital and construction in particular. 
Elles bougent numbers 1410 high school pupils, 1580 technical school pupils, 5950 students, 4690 mentors, 420 supporting companies, 182 partners, 715 high schools and technical schools.




About the FIM :

Active in Europe, France and its regions, the Fédération des Industries Mécaniques (FIM) works to ensure a framework that encourages the growth and competitiveness of the companies that it represents.
It promotes the image of mechanical engineering and its trades with the aim of attracting talent, preserving know-how and boosting recruitment



About La Fabrique de l’industrie :

La Fabrique de l’industrie is a think tank founded in October 2011 by the UIMM, the Cercle de l’industrie and the GFI, with the GIM and Gifas coming on board subsequently, in order to expand collective thinking about industrial challenges and to improve its quality.
It brings together contrasting points of view and analyses in order to make complex and differentiated situations more intelligible and it cooperates with any and all institutions that could help it to achieve its goals.



Jury members: Sylvain CHEBRE from "rectorat de Lyon", Mériam CHEBRE from "association Elles Bougent", Anne-Solène DEGON from "Alliance Industrie du Futur", Françoise EININGER from "Onisep" and Christophe GARNIER from Cetim - credit Frédéric Aguilhon

Photo team n°2 Katherine Johnson - Winner of the Grand Jury Prize- credit : FIM

Photo team n°3 Ada Lovelace - Winner of the favorite prize - credit : FIM

Team n°3 Ada Lovelace Winner of the favorite prize - credit Fréderic Aguilhon

Photo team n°1 Marie Curie - credit : FIM

Photo team n°4 Claudie Haigneré - credit : FIM

Photo team n°5 Rose Dieng - credit : FIM

Photo team n°6 Marie Paul Cani - credit : FIM


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