Industry is hiring!

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Employment, a major challenge for industry


To meet companies’ growth requirements, Global Industrie offers you a theme area entirely dedicated to employment, training and the attractiveness of industry jobs. Contrary to preconceived ideas, French industry is a teeming breeding ground for jobs, many of which unfortunately too often remain unfilled.


In this third edition, the Campus aims to:


  • Emphasise professional know-how

  • Reflect the wealth of career possibilities

  • Highlight the jobs available

  • Promote the professions of the future


Find your job in the Industry with our search engine


Spaces and services to facilitate contact


Campus allows you to find out about professions and careers in industry, talk about training with specialised organisations and obtain help in finding your dream job! It is also a unique place which facilitates exchanges between professionals, students, schoolchildren and job seekers.


In Hall 6, you are invited to follow an immersive educational pathway through three separate areas.


Global Industrie allows you to access hundreds of job offers in the sector and meet the companies which are recruiting over a period of four days. 


Services available to you: 


  • The recruitment portal*: lists several hundred job offers and also allows you to submit your CV in order to make yourself visible to potential recruiters

  • Job dating*:  allows you to meet companies with real recruitment needs on the spot in 30-minute interviews. A means for you to go beyond the CV stage and also convince people via your personality!

  • Express coaching sessions: organised by the Arts & Métiers engineering school on three themes: 

    • Do you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur? 

    • Staying ahead and driving your career better 

    • Young graduates, get off to the right start!

  • The employment wall: allows you to submit your CVs and consult the job offers not available on our recruitment portal 


Don’t forget to bring your CV with you during your visit!


Services available from the application My Campus. Opening scheduled for mid-December.


Campus presents a review of industry jobs and allows young people and their parents to reflect on their career options. 


The following will be present:


  • Worldskills: to find out about three industrial professions (milling, manual robotics and industrial design) via training under real conditions for Euroskills. The coaches of the young people undergoing training will be able to answer all questions!

  • Around ten industrial sectors: through the presence of professional federations or associations

  • Training specialists: ready to provide guidance on all questions concerning career choices


​ An operation aimed at junior high school students

Logo Smile

 The Campus is hosting the SMILE experience for the second year running. 


When they step inside SMILE, the students are actors in their interactive visit. They put themselves in the position of the customer who has come to visit the company which manages the production of his or her order (in this instance, a flashlight). By following the manufacturing steps of the product, they discover the various jobs in an industrial company. Each is approached from a precise angle via an edutainment activity presented by an operational duo consisting of a professional and a young trainee.


The standard course (one-hour visit) which we propose is organised as follows: 


  • A presentation video

  • 16 staged professions (sales department, HR, management, robotics, machining, maintenance, etc.)

  • A career guidance space 

  • An evaluation area


Your web and mobile application


Global Industrie is too keen to offer you an optimised show experience by providing you with appropriate tools to facilitate your visit.  Your application My Campus allows you to:


  • Access to the recruitment portal: job offers, training courses, sandwich courses, CV-bank

  • Schedule job dating appointments: directly with the recruiters

  • Access the jobs of the future in industry via the job sheets and the associated training 

  • Discover the show in a different way: via podcasts and thematic pathways 

  • Register for the express coaching sessions


Elles Bougent is a nonprofit organization founded in 2005 with the aim of inspiring young women from schools, colleges and universities to pursue careers in engineering (IT, aerospace, automotive industry, rail transport, etc.).


The initiative aims to:


  • Make young women aware of the importance of engineering in everyday life and the future of industry, and the role it plays in the energy transition and circular economy

  • Promote the wide range of engineering careers

  • Stimulate vocations

  • Encourage the participants to join the science and technology sectors by meeting and learning from female technicians and engineers in the industry.


Around fifty young women and their mentors will be at Global Industrie on March, Tuesday 31st. They will take part in a video competition based on their visit to the trade show.