The Industry of the Future will bring new trades into being but it will also redefine the current content of some of them in areas like automation, industrial IT, electrical engineering, electronics, mechanical engineering, industrial production and maintenance.


Young people, whatever stage they are at in their training (Bac +2, Bac +3, Bac +5, engineers…), therefore need to be prepared for these changes.


The challenge for today’s technical, technology and industry training courses is to prepare these future employees for industry’s new expectations: an understanding of complex, multi-technology systems, a grasp of the manufacturing process, the development of skills in precise disciplines, working in teams of specialists from different trades.


The GENERATION SMART competition is therefore designed to enable students to discover the technologies that they will encounter in their future careers.

A competition in the Campus

GENERATION SMART is a competition open to young people on industrial BTS, DUT GEII, GMP, GIM courses…, pursuing professional qualifications and at engineering colleges in fields linked to the technologies required by the industry of tomorrow.
It has several goals :
  • The show is a place for meetings and discussions and so it will allow young people who are still training (Bac +2, Bac +3, Bac +5, engineers…) to meet people from industry who are ready to share their experiences.
  • The show is a concrete example of the benefits of a multi-disciplinary approach in industry and so it will provide young people from different training courses with an opportunity to meet in pursuit of a joint project.
  • The show is a perfect demonstration of new technologies and so it provides students with a taste of the trades and technologies that will be used in the Factory of the Future.

The rules

Young people from different types of training course have been brought together in teams to discover how different skill sets complement each other and how this diversity needs to be exploited to handle complex processes.
- The first group of students has been set a specific challenge on Tuesday 5th and Wednesday 6th March
- The second group of students has been set a different challenge on Thursday 7th and Friday 8th March
Day 1 :
  • Getting to know the subject
  • Group discussion and search for solutions
  • Research and discovery of technical and technological solutions through meetings and discussions with manufacturers at the show.  
Day 2 :
  • Development of a solution satisfying the specifications of the set challenge
  • Production of a presentation in the form of a PowerPoint to explain the adopted solutions.
  • 10 to 15-minute presentation to a jury of manufacturers and teachers, then a 15 minutes Q&A session.
  • Deliberation of the jury
The competition winners have received a gift presented by the manufacturers on the jury.