Faux Fuyons!


Counterfeiting is a scourge that affects all sectors of industry and mechanical engineering in particular. That is why the Fédération des Industries Mécaniques (FIM) and the Centre technique des industries mécaniques (Cetim) are addressing this worrying phenomenon and are working to raise awareness of the dangers of counterfeiting.


Counterfeiting is a threat to the economy and employment, as well as posing a risk to the health and safety of users. 


In order promote a better understanding of the reality behind fakes and to protect their rights, the owners of such intellectual property as patents, trademarks, designs and models are working to train the monitoring authorities and are helping to achieve a steadily rising number of seizures of counterfeits by improving the traceability of their products.

« Faux Fuyons! Display » returned to GLOBAL INDUSTRIE for the second year in a row, and presented concrete examples of counterfeits in the field of mechanical engineering and micromechanics. 

Consumers, in their search for a good deal and their eagerness to buy a cheaper product, can put their lives in danger and unwittingly contribute to the looting of the global economy.

Once one realizes that counterfeiting feeds organized crime there really is no alternative—buying authentic products of known origin becomes a must.