CONFERENCESUnderstanding the current upheavals in industry… and knowing how to take advantage of them!

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Rarely has a sector undergone such profound changes in so short a time…

The fourth industrial revolution, the digital revolution, has been compounded this year by the coronavirus crisis which is shaking the industrial sector, particularly some of its historical pillars such as the car industry and aviation.

But far from being the fatal blow feared by some prophets of doom, this situation constitutes an opportunity to shuffle the deck permanently by undergoing a complete change of face. It is not by chance that industry constitutes, alongside the energy transition and employment, the main priority of the recovery plan announced by the government on the 3rd of September.


To help you to see your way more clearly and take advantage of the opportunities to come, GLOBAL INDUSTRIE is setting up a whole program of conferences to be held in two TV studios, details of which will be announced shortly.

More than 160 experts and manufacturers are expected, promising a host of high spots and specialist feedback through a vast program of:


given by leading captains of industry,


by factory directors and technical managers


in which 3 to 5 speakers will discuss one of the major industrial, technological or strategic issues of the day

Global Industrie Connect, the digital event!

With the 2020 exhibition being unable to take place due to the coronavirus epidemic, GLOBAL INDUSTRIE CONNECT was organized last June. This digital event provided a stage for 46 webinars involving 300 participants and 6,144 visitors