Ingersoll GmbH is specialized in the production of cutting tools with an excellent vibration-free performance in both standard and special-purpose design. In addition to very successful solutions for heavy-duty milling and the project-oriented development of special cutting tool solutions, we offer a whole range of technology potential which is applied by the most various industries. The close cooperation with our customers for the development of technically demanding solutions for machining problems is the basis of long-term and durable partnerships worldwide. Small as well as medium sized companies but also international enterprises trust our professional qualification and profit from the reliability and process security of our cutting tools.

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New high feed milling cutters for rough milling in a diameter range of Ø 25 – 160 mm. Different insert geometries for machining of steel, cast iron and materials of the material groups M (stainless steel), S (heat resistant alloys and titamium alloys) and hardened materials of material group H up to 48 HRC.

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For applications that do not require 90 ° shoulder but still demand machining in the immediate vicinity of interfering contours such as clamping devices, fixtures or component walls, a tool of the DK1G series is often a good choice. With its wiping flat the tool is perfectly suited for conventional one-cut operations in automotive applications, like roughing operations with existing surface requirements on the component. Especially when machining castings, the positive and sufficiently sharp chip former effectively prevents component breakouts. But also when machining steel, the HR chip former has proven its worth. The SNCG11T308TN-HR can also be used in left-handed cutters due to the neutral insert design - an often required feature in the automotive sector.


New round insert tools with double-sided insert in diameter range 25 - 160 mm. The new FormMaster series is available in 3 different insert sizes (R5 / R6 / R8). In each case insert geometry is available in continuous (RNLU ... -M) as well as serrated (RNLU ... -S) cutting edge design. Due to the indexable design, the inserts are designed with 8 or 16 useable cutting edges and enable highly economical machining compared to regular round insert tools. For insert sizes R5 and R6 screw-in type cutters and shell-type cutters are available. Cutter types not listed on the catalog pages can be produced as semi-standard versions on request. Due to the wide range of insert sizes, geometries and carbide grades, the areas of aircraft industry, mold and die, as well as general engineering are covered. The serrated insert geometry also enables use in very deep cavities or during machining operations where controlled chip breaking is desired.


Deep turning solutions for machining high depth to diameter internal Applications include special anti-vibration boring bar systems with a ‘live’ vibration dampening system located inside the tool body. Ingersoll’s innovative T·ABSORBER anti-vibration boring bars have been designed to significantly reduce and even totally eliminate vibrations when working with a high overhang from 7xD to 14xD. Situated inside these tools is a unique damping Mechanism that consists of a heavy mass that is supported by a rubber spring element containing oil to increase the required dampening effect. In addition, the system contains other elements which help to further reduce vibrations. The reactive damping mechanism comes into action during machining with high overhang work depths and acts as an effective counter to vibrations. The highly effective, anti-vibration damper effect is applicable for large D.O.C and high feed rates, and ensures continuous, efficient machining. The new anti-vibration tools considerably improve machining stability and enhance insert life. These factors enable meaningful increases in productivity to be achieved, improvements in surface quality on high overhangs to be attained, scrap levels to be reduced and users’ profitability to be enhanced. T·ABSORBER anti-vibration tools enable the delivery of internal coolant to be supplied directly to where it is required - the insert’s cutting edge. The efficient distribution of coolant increases the insert’s tool life by reducing temperature and also improves chip control and chip evacuation.

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